cat No-Loan Debt Consolidation

Banks and loan sharks have set the precedence that consolidation loans are a debt solution. But, it is a misguided and dangerous notion.

If you are looking to consolidate your debt, a loan (which in essence is more debt) will only increase your financial vulnerability. There is a better way. There is a safer way.

No-Loan Debt Consolidation is a more suitable alternative when looking to fix over-indebtedness.

Explore the benefits and workings of No-Loan Debt Consolidation below and learn how it provides the advantages of consolidating debt, but with added protection and financial sustainability of Debt Review.

A: No, Debt Review is not a consolidation loan.

A loan means more debt. With consolidation loans, you only shift your debt from one place to another. Most people will not qualify for a consolidation loan. Unlike consolidation loans, which have very strict requirements (and at the end leaves you with more debt) Debt Review restructures your credit obligations to an affordable, consolidated, repayment plan.

Read more about the difference between our Debt Consolidation program and a consolidation loan here.

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