DebtSafe FAQ's

Q: What Can You Do If You Have No Debts, Regularly Get Declined When Applying for Credit, and Want to Improve Your Credit Score?

A: It is your RIGHT to ask the relevant creditors (that declined your application) for insight into why the application was rejected.

And, you have the RIGHT to pull one free credit profile per year, investigate your credit profile and make sure that there are no irregularities on the profile that might affect your credit score in a negative manner.

A credit profile shows the credit providers what your credit health is as well as how you manage your credit/pay credit agreements.

It is, unfortunately, true that without a credit record the institutions cannot see that you are a good ‘payer of credit’, especially on a large amount.

Our advice as debt industry leaders will be to open a credit agreement (for example, a credit card or store card) and build your credit record in a controlled manner.

Keep in mind that while trying this method, you should always regulate your income, expenditures and debt amounts.

Good luck with (slowly but surely) building a good credit record. And, continue to sustainably manage your debt the way you have already set forth.