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Reduce Repayments & Fix Your Credit
Get the expert help you need to get out of debt and restore your finances.
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The Benefits of Debt Counselling:
Completely fix your credit score.
Lower your monthly debt instalments for financial relief.
Merge your monthly debt payments into one reduced repayment.
Guard your income against retrenchment, death, disability, maternity leave and identity theft.
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Registered with the NCR.
Reg: #NCRDC1078

Want to know how we can fix your credit score and reduce debt repayments?

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P.S.This debt assessment is complimentary and obligation free.

Extras Our Clients Receive with Our Income Rescue Plan


– we’ll cover your debt for up to 12 months.


– we’ll settle your debt up to R 1 000 000 in the event of your death.

Maternity Leave benefit

– get up to 3 months’ debt cover.

Temporary Disability

– we’ll cover your debt up to 12 months.

DebtSafe's Debt Counselling Program is a safe, and efficient, way to completely fix your credit and finances.

National Credit Act and Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling – also known as debt review – is a legal program, drawn up by the National Credit Act as a powerful tool to rehabilitate the finances, and fix the credit, of South Africans who are in arrears and struggling with their debt repayments.

Completely Fix Your Finances and Credit with Our Debt Counselling Program

Our highly trained and experienced Debt Counsellors (NCR registered) is ready to help reduce your debt repayments into one repayment plan - and could even reduce your monthly debt by up to 60%.

Our Debt Consolidation Program Will:


Instead of having to keep track of your various debt repayments, we combine it all into one debt repayment.


Your Debt Counsellor has the power to negotiate for a seriously reduced monthly repayment – so you could pay up to 60% less.


Your program is formalised through a court order. Which means you creditors will not be able to take legal action against you.


When your Debt Counselling program is successfully completed, your credit record will be fully restored through a Clearance Certificate.

Why Sign up with DebtSafe?

Not only does our Debt Counselling program reduce your repayments and fix your credit, we also:

Assign you with a Client Care team. This team is trained and experienced to guide and advise you on the what, when and how of your debt counselling program.

Give you access to the online Client Portal. A great tool that will help you check your progress whenever you want. On it, you can log queries, see your repayments and much more.

Offer you Credit Linked Insurance, an extra product that adds value to your program. Not only will this help you during unforeseen hardships, but it will also suit your pocket.

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