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HOW Counselling FIXES DEBT

  • Completely fix your credit score.
  • Lower your monthly debt instalments for financial relief. 
  • A sustainable program with a proven track record. 

How Does Debt Counselling Work?
The Debt Counselling program is built to drastically reduce your monthly repayments and to completely fix your credit score. How? Debt Counsellors negotiate with your creditors to give you the debt support you need to receive a proper reduction in your monthly debt payments.
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Get your practical, personalised, financial recovery plan that drastically reduces the monthly amount you have to pay toward your debt. 

WHAT we do Debt Counselling

We fix debt through a legal process – drawn up by the National Credit Act – that serves as a powerful tool to rehabilitate the finances and fix the credit, of South Africans who are in arrears and struggling with their debt repayments.

What Is Debt Counselling?
The Debt Counselling program, also known as Debt Review, is built as a debt management solution that drastically reduces your monthly repayments from the very start. Once the program is successfully completed your credit record will be restored, giving you a second chance to improve your credit score.
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WHY our program works

Over 50 000 South Africans helped.
Registered Debt Counsellors.
Cost-conscious debt cover

Why Choose Debt Counselling?
It’s time for qualified debt help if your credit profile is in a terrible state, you are too scared to open your bills and you skip certain payments to pay other bills – falling further into debt. Let our debt assistance and experienced team help fix debt.
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Debt Counselling is the verified program you need to reduce your monthly repayments for much-needed cash flow relief and to fix your debt.

WHO Debt Counselling is for

  • Your cash-flow is unable to cover your family’s living costs. 
  • Even though you have a job – or stable income – it simply isn’t sufficient to meet all your expenses each month.
  • Your depression caused by your financial strain is taking its toll on your overall wellbeing. 

DebtSafe’s Debt Counselling program is ready to help fix your debt. It’s time to make a start! Get your free quote today. 

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