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Following the emergency protocol announced by President Ramaphosa, DebtSafe's team is continuing their work remotely and will be available to assist via emails only for the duration for the lockdown.

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  • No repossession or legal action from your creditors.
  • Family’s living costs protected with a new budget. 
  • Fixes the payments you are in arrears with. 

How Does Debt Review Work?
The Debt Review program is designed in such a way that it protects your assets from repossession and creditors – all the while enabling you to fix your debt.
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Get your practical, personalised, financial recovery plan that protects against repossession and fixes payments in arrears. 

WHAT we do – Debt Review

We fix debt through a legal process – backed by the National Credit Act – that serves as a much-needed lifeline for South Africans who have ended up with their payments in serious arrears and are unable to meet their debt agreements.

What Is Debt Review?
Debt Review forms part of the National Credit Act and is a legal process that completely fixes your finances while protecting you from legal action by your creditors and repossession of your assets.
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Learn what benefits you could expect during our program with your free, no-obligation, quote.

WHY our program works

  • Our service score from clients is 4.8/5.
  • Regulated by National Credit Regulator.
  • Attorney network that’s available nationwide.

Why Choose Debt Review?
It’s time for experienced debt help when you are spending more than you earn or if you are receiving threatening calls from your creditors.  Let the specialists help fix your debt.
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Debt Review is your best chance to fix your debt while protecting your important assets from repossession.

WHO Debt Review is for

  • Your creditors are threatening to take legal action against you. 
  • You do have an income, but it is not enough to cover all your expenses.
  • You have sleepless nights worrying about all the unpaid bills, and it is starting to affect your overall health. 

DebtSafe’s Debt Review program is ready to help fix your debt. It’s time to take action! Get your free quote today. 

Go for More Value with Debt Cover

– available only to DebtSafe Clients

Retrenchment Cover
– up to 12 months protection.

Critical Illness
– settle up to R 1 000 000 debt.

Maternity benefit
– up to 3 months

Death Cover
– settle up to R 1 000 000 debt.