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Protect Your Assets from Repossession
Get the expert help you need to get out of debt and restore your finances.
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The Benefits of Debt Review:
No repossession, no legal action from your creditors - your assets stay safe.
Protection from retrenchment, death, maternity leave, disability and more with Income Rescue Plan.
Your family’s essential expenses are protected with your personalised budget.
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Registered with the NCR.
Reg: #NCRDC1078

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Even More Perks, Only for DebtSafe Clients

Retrenchment Cover

– up to 12 months while you are looking for a new job.

Death Cover

– up to R 1 000 000 of your debt gets settled in the event of your death.

Critical Illness and Disability Cover

– we’ll settle up to R 1 000 000 of your debt.

Maternity Benefit

– We’ll pay your debt instalments for up to 3 months.

Debt Review is your best chance to fix your debt while protecting your important assets from repossession.

The National Credit Act and Debt Review

Debt Review – also known as debt counselling – is a legal process that has been appointed by the National Credit Act as a way for South Africans who are unable to meet their debt agreements and ended up in serious arrears with their payments, fix their debt for good.

Keep Your Home and Car Safe from Repossession While Fixing Debt Effectively

Our NRC registered Debt Counsellors will stand between you and your creditors. Keeping you guarded against legal action and repossession - bringing you well-deserved financial breathing space.

Our Debt Consolidation Program Will:


Combine all your debt into one affordable repayment plan. No more having to juggle between creditors.


A part of our Debt Counsellors’ ability is to successfully negotiate with your creditors for lower monthly instalments – you could be paying up to 60% less.


The whole program is backed by the National Credit Act. Which means your reduced repayment plan is formalised by a court order. And from the moment you sign up, you are legally protected against your creditors.


Not only will your debt be completely fixed with the successful completion of the Debt Review program, but your credit record will also be completely repaired.

Why Pick DebtSafe as Your Partner?

Helping over-indebted South African fix their finances is what we do best. Plus, we offer our clients extra value through:

A Client Care team committed to you and your program. This team of experts will guide you through each step, keeping you informed of the what, how and when of your Debt Review.

Track your progress, payments, and queries 24/7 through the Client Portal – an online platform where you can see all the details of your Debt Review.

Credit Linked Insurance, specifically made for our Debt Review clients. This gives you added value by protecting your repayments during unforeseen circumstances.

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