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Turn Your Debt Around
Consolidate your debt and stress less.
Protect your assets from repossession.
Reduce repayments and restore your credit.
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The DebtSafe Process

Step: 1

Request your free, no obligation debt assessment and we’ll call you.

Step: 2

Our team of experts use their experience and skills to negotiate with your creditors for a new, reduced and consolidated, repayment plan.

You'll receive:

Income Rescue Plan – extra protection against retrenchment, death, maternity leave, disability and identity theft.

A dedicated Relationship Manager.

A free debt assessment.

A personalised budget for your family’s expenses.

Up to 60% decrease in your monthly debt repayments.

One, consolidated repayment plan.

Legal protection against your creditors.

Proper cash flow relief.

Step: 3

Under the protection and help of our program, you can comfortably repay your debt, starting your journey to fully restored finances.

You'll receive:

Safe, secure distribution of your money to your creditors.

Access to Client Portal, where you can track your progress.

A dedicated Relationship Manager.

Legal protection against creditors.

A Clearance Certificate that signals the completion of your program and with it the complete restoration of your credit record.

NCR Registered:

Even More Perks, Only for DebtSafe Clients
Retrenchment Cover
Retrenchment Cover
Death<br /> Cover
Maternity<br /> Benefit
Critical Illness Cover
Critical Illness Cover
Permanent Disability Cover
Permanent Disability Cover
Identity<br /> Theft

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your debt into one affordable repayment.
Reduce monthly debt instalments by up to 60%.
Proper cash flow relief.
“DebtSafe was the best thing that ever came to my life. Thank you DebtSafe.”

Candy M.

No, our Debt Consolidation program is not a consolidation loan, but rather a safer alternative to consolidate debt.

Consolidation loans have high interest rates and strict requirements – most people, are not able to qualify for it. On top of that, it offers zero legal protection against your creditors.

A consolidation loan is not considered a feasible solution to indebtedness

since you are in reality borrowing more money to pay for your debt, adding to your debt pile.

Unlike consolidation loans, our Debt Consolidation program restructures your credit obligations to an affordable, consolidated, repayment plan, while protecting you from specific fee structure will look like we suggest requesting a free debt assessment (no obligation required).

Debt Review

No repossession, no legal action from your creditors - your assets stay safe.
Your family’s essential expenses are protected with your personalised budget.
Drastically decrease your monthly debt repayments.
“Being under debt review, especially with DebtSafe, is the best decision I've made.”

Wendy S.

No, the National Credit Act prohibits you from getting more credit while in Debt Review.

The reason is that your reduced instalments are precisely calculated according to your current debt obligations and living expenses. Also, getting more credit while already struggling with your debt will be seen as reckless in the eyes of the law, and will add to your debt worries.

But, once your Debt Review program is successfully completed we will send a Clearance Certificate to your creditors and the credit bureaus. They are then required by law to remove your default listings and your Debt Review listing from your credit profile – leaving you with a fully restored credit profile, leaving you free to apply for credit once again.

Debt Counselling

Completely repair your credit score.
Lower your monthly debt instalments for financial relief.
Merge your monthly debt payments into one reduced repayment.
“DebtSafe helped me when I did not know where to get help anywhere.”

Cornelius H.

Debt Counselling is a professional service so there are fees involved. But, there are no up-front fees because our fees are paid by your instalments and are built into your restructured payment plan.

The fees are set by the National Credit Regulator and are the same for all debt counsellors. Here are the types of fees you can expect:

• Debt Counselling Fee
• Legal Fee

• Aftercare Fee
• Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) Fee
• Credit Life Insurance Fee

Most of the fees will depend on the amount of your repayment and will differ from person to person. So, to get a better idea of what your specific fee structure will look like we suggest requesting a free debt assessment (no obligation required).

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