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Understanding Debt Consolidation Loan vs Debt Review for Severe Over-Indebtedness

When managing debt, many individuals often confuse the concepts of a consolidation loan and consolidating debt through debt review. To clarify these options and help severely over-indebted South Africans make informed choices, here are some valuable insights into each approach. Consolidation Loan A consolidation loan is a credit agreement designed to settle existing unsecured debts,

Are You Guilty of Lifestyle Inflation? Here are the 6 Warning Signs

What Is Lifestyle Inflation? Lifestyle inflation is spending more as income rises or upping your lifestyle without regard to your financial means. Many South Africans are guilty of lifestyle inflation. So recognising this trap and learning how to escape it is essential to improve your financial well-being. We all are guilty of this. Don’t worry

Are You Recycling Your DEBT?

Credit cards offer convenience and financial flexibility when used responsibly. However, if mismanaged, they can lead to a never-ending cycle of debt. One particularly harmful practice is debt recycling, where individuals use one credit card to pay off another, trapping themselves in a loop of increasing debt.  In this article, we explore the consequences of

National Savings Month: South Africans Are Scraping The Bottom

South Africa has one of the lowest savings rates in the world, which has significant implications for the average citizen. As we mark National Savings Month, it is crucial to bring awareness to the importance of saving money and provide practical tips to prioritise savings.  Unpacking the Numbers According to Deloitte’s South African Investment Management

Obscure Costs: The Gremlins Eating Your Budget

We all know the sinking feeling of encountering unexpected expenses that appear out of nowhere. Often lurking in the shadows, these costs can wreak havoc on your budget if you’re unprepared. And as luck would have it, these expenses – affectionately referred to as “gremlins” – tend to show up at the most inconvenient time

Winter Tips: Low Energy, High Savings

Looking for ways to save on your electricity bill in South Africa? This guide offers practical tips to help households work towards a more sustainable future. You can lower your winter energy bill by understanding your energy usage and making minor changes to your daily habits.  Ready to try some winter tips? Check out these

Unlocking the Secrets of Financial Success: What the Youth Can Teach Us!

In honour of Youth Month, we celebrate the vibrant spirit of the younger generation. While wisdom comes with age, there are valuable financial lessons we can learn from the youth. So let’s explore how the characteristics of the younger generation can unlock the secrets of financial success. Curiosity – The Power of Questions Parents will

From Over-Indebted to Financial Freedom: A Journey Worth Taking!

On the journey from over-indebtedness to financial freedom, the destination is well worth the challenges along the way. Not only will you gain control over your finances by overcoming these challenges. But you will also develop invaluable financial skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Debt Management One of the first

Prime Suspects: 9 Tactics Marketers Use to Influence Your Spending

We’ve all been there, captivated by clever marketing tactics that swayed our purchasing decision. Whether a limited-time offer or an influencer’s endorsement, marketing tactics capture our attention and convinces us to buy, buy, buy! While nothing is inherently wrong with these tactics (who doesn’t love a great bargain), you need to be able to make

New Year, New Insights to a Financial-Wise 2023

The New Year is an ideal time to put your critical goals into action. What better way to start 2023 than by learning about (and taking control of) an imperative aspect of your life – your FINANCIAL situation. “Taking a look at your fiscal position or summarising where you are with your finances is the