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Financial Freedom

Zukiswa asked 4 months ago

Good day,

I am about to start working again. Waiting for a confirmation today. I am a 26-year-old female that has made so many bad financial decisions, especially throughout my studies. I don’t even know how much debt I have in total. So I would like to know how much debt I have, through looking at my ITC and also know if you will be able to help me once I am sure that I will be working. Also, to know how long the process of clearing my name will take. How it will affect the fact that I am getting married next year as well. I trust that you will be able to assist me.

Thank you

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 4 months ago

Good day,

Thank you for getting in touch.

The duration of your debt review will depend on (1) your type of debt, (2) the outstanding balances and (3) how much you are able to pay the creditors.

We will gladly provide you with a free debt evaluation (no obligation required). This will give you a better representation of what your particular debt review program will look like, and how long it will take to complete. Simply click fill out our call-back form on this page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Regarding Debt Review and marriage:

If our client is married we will structure the program according to their marriage contract.

If they are married COP it will be a joint application and all the debt will be thrown into one pool. Their income will also be joined in the calculations and the payment of all their debt will commence jointly through one single instalment. Both will be placed under debt review in a joint application.

When they are married out of community of property both parties do not have to go under debt review. But we would advise that both parties’ income is included in the repayment of debt. If there are debts which both signed for and are therefore both responsible for, then both will have to apply for debt review. No account may be excluded.

Kind regards