DebtSafe FAQ's

Q: Why Are the Balances on My PDA Statement from DebtSafe Different to the Balances on My Creditors’ Statements?

A: Firstly, Debt Counsellors, as stipulated in the National Credit Act (NCA), are not allowed to manage their clients’ money. Rather, the NCA requires that a Payment Distribution Company (PDA) handles the collection and distribution of funds of Debt Review clients.

The three main reasons why the statements differ are:

  • Payments are processed at different periods. The PDA will distribute the funds to the creditors, and a couple of days after that the creditor applies the payment to the account.
  • The PDA statements include the Debt Review fees (link to that FAQ), whereas the creditor statements do not.
  • Creditor statements include the service fee whereas the PDA statements do not include creditor service fees.

Therefore, PDA statements should be seen as estimates. But, if a client is concerned about the difference in balance they should contact their Debt Counsellor to check if there are any discrepancies or issues that need to be addressed.