DebtSafe FAQ's

Q: Why Are the Balances on My PDA Statement from DebtSafe Different to the Balances on My Creditors’ Statements?

A: Firstly, Debt Counsellors, as stipulated in the National Credit Act (NCA), are not allowed to manage their clients’ money. Rather, the NCA requires that a Payment Distribution Company (PDA) handles the collection and distribution of funds of Debt Review clients.

The three main reasons why the statements differ are:

  • Payments are processed at different periods. The PDA will distribute the funds to the creditors, and a couple of days after that the creditor applies the payment to the account.
  • The PDA statements include the Debt Review fees (link to that FAQ), whereas the creditor statements do not.
  • Creditor statements include the service fee whereas the PDA statements do not include creditor service fees.

Therefore, PDA statements should be seen as estimates. But, if a client is concerned about the difference in balance they should contact their Debt Counsellor to check if there are any discrepancies or issues that need to be addressed.

If you are a DebtSafe client with a question regarding your PDA statement you can use our updated MyDebtSafe Client Portal. MyDebtSafe will now allow for quicker responses and more efficient resolving of client issues. Please find the instructions to request a call back, or to escalate an issue on MyDebtSafe below:

Step 1: Navigate to
Step 2: Login with your username and password.
Step 3: Navigate to “My Relationship Manager” in the top menu bar.
Step 4: On the left select “Create” to create a query.
Step 5: Fill in the fields, click “Send”.