DebtSafe FAQ's

Q: Which Accounts Do I Have to Include in My Debt Review?

A: All credit agreements must be included in your Debt Review. The only exception is those credit agreements where the creditor has started legal action. But even then, you will have to let your Debt Counsellor know about the agreement so that it can be taken into account in your overall monthly budget.

(Very important. You have to disclose all your accounts to your Debt Counsellor, no account may be excluded.)

Furthermore, if you have a shared credit agreement (where you and your spouse, for example, both signed for credit) the person you share that agreement with will also have to apply for Debt Review with you in a joint application.

Regarding service agreements (like tax debt, municipal debt, school fees etc.). Usually, they are not included in your Debt Review, but still, need to form part of your overall monthly budget. There are however exceptions to this.

Each client’s debt and overall financial situation differs, so we would advise getting our free Debt Assessment where a DebtSafe Consultant will be able to determine how your Debt Review will be structured according to your various accounts and financial obligations.