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Reckless Credit
The Benefit of a Reckless Lending Investigation

When DebtSafe finds that our client’s creditors are guilty of Reckless Lending when applying for Debt Review, that debt could be written off.

Which means you won’t have to repay the loan.

Putting a Stop to Even More Over-Indebtedness

In the fight against over-indebtedness the National Credit Act (NCA) has deemed it the responsibility of the credit provider to ensure that when credit is given, it is done in a responsible manner to avoid over-indebtedness.

So, if a creditor provides credit to a consumer and the consumer can’t afford the repayments, it could be classified as Reckless Lending.

The DebtSafe Reckless Lending Indicator (DRLI)

Click below to read the DebtSafe Reckless Lending Indicator – a report which purpose is to promote awareness of Reckless Lending and to pave the way for future discussions on the causes, effects and prevention of Reckless Lending in South Africa.

DebtSafe Doing Our Part to Help Consumers

Reckless Lending Investigations are now part of the Debt Review process. Each consumer applying for our program can select to have their credit agreements investigated for Reckless Lending.

What DebtSafe looks for in a Reckless Lending investigation:

Whether the credit provider failed to make a proper affordability assessment according to the NCA at the time of granting the credit,

Or, if the creditor has made the affordability assessment and entered into the agreement with our client despite the fact that (a) the client did not understand or appreciate the risks regarding the costs and obligations under the agreement, or (b) knew that the agreement would lead to our client’s over-indebtedness.

A Reckless Lending Investigation is just one of the many benefits DebtSafe provides for our clients.
When a Credit Agreement Is Deemed Reckless by the Court, the Court May:
  • Set aside part or all rights and obligation of you (the consumer) and credit provider, OR
  • Suspend the force and effect of the agreement.

Remember, only a Magistrate’s/High Court can find a credit agreement reckless.

Reckless Lending vs Reckless Borrowing
Reckless Lending

If a credit agreement or loan is found to be reckless by the Magistrate’s / High Court, the credit agreement or loan could be written of­f and the consumer does not have to repay the loan.

Reckless Borrowing

If the credit provider proves that the consumer was in any way dishonest or not completely truthful about his/her ‑financial position during the credit application process, the Court will not assist the consumer.

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