Will a loan be helpful in simplifying your debts?

If you have answered yes, we can provide you with a more effective solution.  

Our solution does not increase your monthly debt amount like a loan would, instead, it lowers the monthly amount you need to pay for your debt. It also consolidates all your various debts into one manageable payment.

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Wondering if this is a loan?


Nope, even better! This isn’t a loan, which can be a hassle to qualify for and manage. In fact, loans can sometimes lead to long-term debt problems.

Our Solution:

We offer a debt consolidation solution that’s different. Instead of a loan, we’ll work with you to organise your existing debts into a single, manageable payment plan that fits your budget.

No-Loan Debt Consolidation with Debt Review

Consolidation Loan


Open to everyone with a steady income, even those with bad credit or struggling to make payments. Ideal for those who wouldn’t qualify for a consolidation loan.


Think “A+ student” credit score. Loan approvals are based on strict affordability assessments, making it difficult or even impossible for those already struggling with severe debt to get approval.


Any and all service fees are included with your monthly debt repayment plan – which is a manageable amount based on what you can afford.

Interest Rates & Fees:

Be prepared for potentially high-interest rates and extra fees, which can increase the overall cost of repayment.

Immediate Cash Flow Relief:

Significant reductions in monthly payments are possible, offering real financial relief.

No Cash Flow Relief:

Don’t expect a drastic reduction in monthly payments, instead you most likely will be paying more each month. 

Long-Term Stability:

In Debt Review you will have enough cash flow to repay your debts, and afford your family’s essential livings costs from groceries, school fees, rent and fuel.

Long-Term Trap:

Consolidation loans is getting additional debt to repay existing debt. It does not solve the debt problem.

Manageable finances:

We manage your debt repayments while you enjoy much-needed relief with one consolidated and affordable monthly repayment.

Temptation & Risk:

The loan funds are directly deposited into your account, increasing the risk of using them elsewhere and potentially worsening your debt situation.

Legal Protection:

Debt review offers immediate legal protection from creditor harassment and asset repossession.

No Legal Protection:

Your assets like your car or house remain vulnerable to repossession by creditors.

Our proven solution is a better option than a consolidation loan when…

  • You can’t afford all your monthly bills.
  • You have a poor credit score and can’t qualify for a consolidation loan. 
  • You need significant monthly payment reductions (up to 60% possible) to truly manage your debt.
  • You’re facing legal action from creditors and need protection for your assets (car, house).
  • Your goal is long-term financial stability and a fresh start, not just a short-term fix.

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