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Considerations to Have a Frugal, Yet Special Wedding Day

It is not only spring that is in bloom currently, but also many couples (you and your better half may be one of them) tend to get engaged in the ‘warmer’ seasons or are perhaps already planning for the Big Day. Weddings are not a financial walk in the park, that’s for sure. But, there are ways and considerations to take in to avoid breaking the bank or get you in severe debt before you’ve even entered the honeymoon phase of your marriage.

Weddings are indeed expensive these days, but if you keep a few pointers and considerations in mind, you can keep it frugal and still very special.

Here is a summary/list that can guide you and your soon-spouse-to-be, when making decisions for your special day:

  • The time of year – You have to debate on the time of year that will work best and is cost effective for you. Do note – the season you choose and the time of week can either save or add to your cost per head expenses.
  • Type of wedding venue – An unconventional wedding ‘venue’ in someone’s backyard can work well financially for a small wedding. Or, if you and your fiancé have enough budget available for the wedding ceremony and reception at a formal venue, be sure to take another look at your guestlist and keep your budget in mind by keeping those numbers low.
  • Wedding cake – Wedding cakes can indeed be expensive. Therefore, be careful that you don’t order a big cake (enough for 200 people) when your guest list only consists of 50 people.
  • Meals and drinks – You don’t need a five-course meal to impress your guests. What about only serving affordable snacks and a satisfying main meal (note – not a skimpy one) at the reception.  Coffee and cake can be served as dessert. Regarding drinks – serve sparkling wine before the speeches take place and let your guests buy their own drinks. Remember: being frugal doesn’t mean scanty.
  • Décor and gifts – Luckily these days many venues include a few (or all) the décor pieces in the price that you pay. If you are deciding to do your own – keep it simple, so that you won’t have to worry about unnecessary thingamabobs. Regarding gifts – if you have a budget for it – do it. If not, don’t worry too much about unnecessary mementoes.
  • Flowers – Flowers can rip your budget. You therefore have to stick to the less is more concept. Is it really necessary for huge, expensive bouquets or will a few single stem daisies, proteas or orchids with a few leaves do the trick?
  • Wedding attire – You have to decide whether renting or buying attire will be in line with your budget. In some cases, renting, and in other cases, buying can be more expensive. Do your research beforehand and shop around.
  • Invitations – Save the trees and go digital. There are sites that you can use to share your wedding details that do not cost a pretty penny.
  • Vendors – It is always best to ask around for recommended and affordable vendors. Also, make sure that you stick to your budget (see TOOLS and scroll to the bottom of the page) – whomever you need to appoint to help make your day financially memorable.

Weddings are special, but you do not have to fall into a debt pit before you have the chance to say I DO. Do your research thoroughly and if a friend or family member wants to offer some help, or know a makeup artist that does a great job at a good price, why not consider it? Try the above tips and have yourself a marry good wedding day within budget.