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How to ‘Jingle’ Your Christmas Day Budget

Matthys Potgieter, spokesperson and debt expert at DebtSafe, says there are still five things that you can take into account to ‘jingle’ your Christmas Day budget to work for your financial situation this year:

1. Planning and budgeting

Potgieter states that although time is limited, you have to draw up your ‘Christmas budget blueprint’ and plan accordingly. Apart from your usual monthly budget, your Christmas Day budget should be added as an additional extra for December. If you have allocated R3000 (for example) specifically for Christmas Day, divide this amount into various cost categories such as food, presents, travel costs and activities. Include the necessary detail to sketch the bigger financial picture of Christmas Day for yourself. This will give a clear understanding and indication of what your expenditure lid is.

2. Food

Remember, a great Christmas meal isn’t necessarily an expensive one. What non-perishable products do you have in the cupboard? Perhaps the meat at the market or on discount at the grocery store is indeed a sale – so make use of it (if it suits your budget of course). And if you are playing host for Christmas Day, why not let your guests or family members join in the gift of giving (by bringing their own drinks and a salad or pudding). Sharing is caring, plus it is exciting to see what dishes everybody prepared for the festivity.

3. Christmas presents & decorations

Christmas Day is not about showing off or spending money you have not budgeted for. What about a DIY Christmas this year? A personalised prezzy or letting the kids bring their own creative juices to table, home, garden or tree decorations are special indeed. And, by using things you already have available in your home makes your Christmas Day cost-effective.

4. Travel

If you have to go from point A to point B on Christmas Day, take the following into account:

  • If your friends or family members are also driving to the same destination, carpool in two cars instead of three, for example.
  • Avoid toll routes where possible and take alternative roads instead.
  • Get the best fuel consumption by maintaining a constant speed from your home to your destination.
  • If you get stuck in heavy traffic on your way to your Christmas Day celebration, you can turn off your car’s engine for a while, (note: not continuously) to save some fuel.

5. Activities

Have you ever considered doing some ‘price-less’ Christmas Day activities? What about getting all the family members to join in the fun by playing games like some old-fashioned ‘boeresport’ or lawn bowls – using items and equipment that you already have available? There are many activities (including indoor activities) that you can do – see Pinterest. Activities like these will definitely keep your Christmas budget in check.

Make your Christmas budget work for your financial situation this 2017. And, remember what Christmas Day is really about – spending time with loved ones. Don’t fall into a debt trap as you’ll ‘jingle’ your financial position all the way down a bottomless pit.