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Negotiating A New Payment Arrangement

Negotiating a New Payment Arrangement

The negotiation of a new payment arrangement with each creditor can be extremely time-consuming.  Creditors each want as much as possible and have to be shown that there really is only so much available and secondly, that the amount offered to them is reasonable, all things considered.  In my experience, most creditors realize that they cannot expect a pro rata amount as certain accounts, such as a car loan or home loan may require more than the pro rata amount, in order to justify the customer keeping the asset.

While creditors are generally happy to accept a payment arrangement for a few months, they are usually unhappy about keeping a payment arrangement in place for a long time.  Circumstances change and they usually think that they should be able to get far more.  Debt counselling requires the debt counsellor to agree to increase the amount payable but not go over board in this regard.

Negotiating a payment arrangement with competing creditors is sometimes difficult but over time, as the IT systems improve, the time taken to put a payment arrangement in place has decreased and there are signs that with further IT development the process will continue to improve.