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How Does Debt Review Work?
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The Debt Review program is designed in such a way that it protects your assets from repossession and creditors - all the while enabling you to fix your debt. Here's how the program works:

After your free, no-obligation, debt assessment you will have the information needed to decide whether you would like to join our Debt Review program. If you decide to join we will conduct an in-depth debt assessment.

From this point forward you will receive legal protection and an interim repayment plan that gives you immediate cash flow relief.

After the in-depth assessment is completed we will negotiate with your creditors for a new, reduced, monthly repayment plan.

When negotiations are concluded we take the new, reduced, monthly repayment plan to a Magistrates Court – who then makes it official through a court order.

After this, you simply keep up with your new, reduced, monthly repayment plan. And we’ll make sure your money is correctly distributed to your creditors.

Once your program is successfully completed we will provide you and the credit bureaus with a Clearance Certificate – which signals the end of your program. This certificate shows that your credit rating is effectively fixed and that all the negative listings must be removed.

Bonus – you can track all of the above online through the Client Portal. So, you know exactly the what, when and how of your Debt Review program.

Registered with the NCR.
Reg: #NCRDC1078

Debt Review Benefits
No repossession, no legal action from your creditors - your assets stay safe.
Your family’s essential expenses are protected with your personalised budget.
Drastically decrease your monthly debt repayments.
These are just some of the benefits you’ll receive when signing up for DebtSafe’s Debt Review program.
Free No Obligation, Debt Assessment
Let DebtSafe’s expert team provide you with more information on how we protect your assets from repossession.
We will:
Expertly evaluate your current debt status.
Talk to you about the best way forward to fix your debt.
Provide you with more info about our Debt Review program.
Exclusive to DebtSafe Clients
Retrenchment Cover

– up to 12 months while you are looking for a new job.

Death Cover

– up to R 1 000 000 of your debt gets settled in the event of your death.

Critical Illness and Disability Cover

– we’ll settle up to R 1 000 000 of your debt.

Maternity Benefit

– We’ll pay your debt instalments for up to 3 months.

How does DebtSafe's Process Work?

Start by requesting your free, no obligation debt assessment and we’ll call you.


Our team of experts use their experience and skills to negotiate with your creditors for a new, reduced and consolidated, repayment plan.

You'll Receive
  • Income Rescue Plan – extra protection against retrenchment, death, maternity leave, disability and identity theft.
  • A registered Debt Counsellor and legal protection against your creditors.
  • A free debt assessment, a personalised budget & proper cash flow relief.
  • Up to 60% decrease in your monthly debt repayments in one consolidated plan.

Under the protection and help of our program, you can comfortably repay your debt, starting your journey to fully restored finances.

You'll Receive
  • Safe, secure distribution of your money to your creditors.
  • Access to Client Portal, where you can track your progress.
  • A registered Debt Counsellor.
  • Legal protection against creditors.
  • A Clearance Certificate that signals the completion of your program and with it the complete restoration of your credit record.
Our professional team is ready to show you how we can fix your debt while we protect your assets from repossession.