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‘Eggs-tra’ Tips That Won’t Damage Your 2019 ‘Easter-cation’ Budget

It has been such a fast-paced 2019 already and perhaps you haven’t taken time to take a deeper peep into your ‘Easter-cation’ holiday. You want to have some peace for your soul, possibly spend quality time with your flock and not break the egg (bank) in the process, right? It is, therefore, important to make sure you are financially prepared to be able to enjoy the upcoming public holidays.

You and other South Africans can add your own personal, yet thrifty, touch to Easter this April. And, if you are going to enjoy some ‘home time’ or take the kids and family out of the nest for a few days, you have to make sure that you won’t crack your budget during this period.

Here are a few frugal tips or ideas for you, the Easter stay-at-home, or you, the Easter traveller:

Budget-friendly meal options

Ever hosted a potluck or picnic? It is great for your budget and easier than you think since you give your loved ones the chance to chip in. Decide whether you want to do a brunch, lunch or dinner and make a list of who is bringing what dish. This will surely not only make the meal ‘homey’, but also, budget-friendly. Plus, Easter’s picnic nibbles or potluck leftovers can become Tuesday’s yummy snacks.

Thanks for the homemade memories

Easter is a time for reflection and making memories. So, say YES to a bake-off or messy cooking class and NO to store bought chocolate and candy versions. It is way too overpriced and expensive for your usual monthly budget amount anyways. If you decide to use the homemade treats for an Easter hunt, for example, limit the treats to one or two per adult or child. Remember: it is the memory or idea that counts.

Alternative it-doesn’t-cost-you-an-arm-or-a-leg ideas for ‘Easter-cation’

  • Sit down and plan (together) what you want to do during the short holiday period.
  • Remember to keep the weather in mind and consider board games or a ‘movie marathon’ and ‘family film fest’ to make those rainy days worthwhile.
  • What about building an indoor fort with the kids or consider old-fashioned outdoor camping (if at home or at a camp site)
  • And lastly, take photos – life is short. If you have a mobile phone available, what is stopping you to take a few pics?

Specific things to keep in mind when travelling

Try not to make your trip to your ‘Easter-cation’ destination a distasteful affair and keep these pointers in mind:

  • Take your list of road-trippin’ games with you to keep the kids busy during the trip. Think about games like I spy or create a playlist for some singalongs.
  • Traffic volumes – if you can, try to travel in advance (before the official public holiday dates) and avoid late-night driving.
  • Budget-planning – Remember to include toll fees and fuel fill-ups in your ‘Easter-cation’ budget. And, avoid buying expensive snacks at the shop. Rather take pocket-friendly, family favourite snacks for those pitstops.
  • Safety first – Be sure to do a car inspection before you travel. Are the wipers working? Is the battery still fine? Are the tyres in a good condition (like the tread depth that should be above 1mm)? This can save you quite the (financial) hassle when you don’t have to find an expert or need to buy a vehicle type of product during the peak Easter holiday period in a town away from home. Also, be fuel efficient and try to stick to 100 KM per hour where you can. Finally, make sure your insurance is sorted out beforehand, take regular breaks during your trip and be careful when driving in rainy or misty weather.

Are you ready for a frugal ‘Easter-cation’? Include these ‘eggs-tra’ tips that won’t damage your 2019 ‘Easter-cation’ budget.