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Unemployed And In Too Much Debt? – Wealthwise Magazine

Unemployed And In Too Much Debt? – Wealthwise Magazine

Wealthwise Magazine published this DebtSafe article to explain to South African consumers what happens if they are retrenched and in debt.

Although Stats South Africa announced that the unemployment rate in South Africa has declined by 1.4% to 25% between the first and second quarters of 2015, the unemployment rate is still very high though. The reality is that the average South African consumer is not earning enough money to make necessary monthly debt repayments.

When you are retrenched, you should immediately send a letter of confirmation of retrenchment written by your employer to the bank or credit provider to arrange an alternative repayment schedule.

Pay the credit provider as much as you can afford while looking for employment. Another very helpful tip Wikus gives in the article is to remember to keep a written record of all correspondence with the bank and sheriff to convince the judge at the court that you have been trying to get out of debt or tried to arrange something.