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Can I Voluntarily Surrender My Vehicle?

Yes, you can. Surrendering your vehicle while your payments are still up to date: Contact the creditor and give them a written notice that you want to surrender your vehicle. In five business days, you will have to surrender the…

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When Can My Debt Be Written Off?

Debt can only be written off by two means, namely Prescribed Debt and Reckless Lending. Prescribed Debt Debt has only prescribed if there has been no attempt by the credit provider to collect it or if no summons has been…

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What Is a PDA? And Why Do They Handle My Payments?

The Credit Act requires that Debt Counsellors use an accredited Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) to manage their client’s money in order to prevent mishandling of funds which means your money stays safe. Your accredited Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) handles the…

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