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The Cost Of Getting A Divorce –

The Cost of Getting a Divorce –

The Cost of Getting a Divorce

In this article Wikus Olivier, debt management expert at DebtSafe talks about the cost of getting a divorce.

The Justice Department reports the shocking statistic that South Africa’s divorce rate has increased by a whopping 28%. This brings to light that many South Africans are facing the harsh reality of going through a divorce.

A big part of the divorce process is the cost of getting a divorce. Juggling the emotional, legal and financial aspects can easily get complex and unpleasant. One of the greatest instigators of stress during a divorce is the costs involved. Time and again couples that are going through a divorce have found themselves under increasing burdens of debt.

Wikus explains the various circumstances that influences divorce proceedings. Plus Wikus provides great tips on how to effectively deal with the cost of getting a divorce – ensuring that your debt doesn’t spiral out of control.