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Teach Your Children To Be Money Savvy – News24

Teach Your Children To Be Money Savvy – News24

Teach your children from young age to be money savvy

Teach Your Children From Young Age To Be Money Savvy

News24 features an article from DebtSafe on the importance of teaching children to be money savvy. Wikus Olivier, Debt Management Expert at DebtSafe warns parents to be informed as well, because children learn by following their parents’ actions – Budget, cut expenses and reduce debt!

“Children want to see how something works; therefore you as the parent have to show them how to set up a budget and let them allocate their pocket money. Give them control of their spending money, because that will teach them to take responsibility,” he says.

Also featured in the article are practical tips on how to teach your child to be money savvy – from pre-school to young adulthood.