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South African Institute for Financial Freedom

SAIFF is short for “South African Institute for Financial Freedom”. SAIFF offers certain benefits to consumers under debt review, and addresses certain risks involved with the process of debt review.

The National Credit Act states that credit providers must co-operate in good faith with a debt counsellor and the consumer who is under debt review. In many cases, the credit provider completely disregards what the Act says and continues to issue termination notices to the debt counsellor and consumer. After this termination many credit providers attempt to institute legal action against the consumer, in an attempt to topple the consumer’s whole debt review.

As we all know, a consumer who is pro-actively repaying his/her debt does not have spare cash lying around. The credit providers prey on this fact, simply because they know consumers will not have enough funds to defend a case.

In many instances the consumer has no choice but to stop paying his/her debt review to repay one credit provider who threatens to repossess the consumer’s home or vehicle.

This is disastrous for the consumer’s debt review and causes all other credit providers to also terminate, ultimately putting the consumer in a worse position than before.

With SAIFF this is no longer a concern. SAIFF offers legal protection against any unlawful action from credit providers during the course of a debt review. It is SAIFF’s mission to keep the consumer’s debt review intact and to ensure that it continues uninterrupted whilst unlawful creditor action is addressed.

Apart from the main benefit of legal protection there are also various other benefits offered by SAIFF to it’s members.

SAIFF offers 2 products: Intego and Alumno.

Debtsafe is proud to be accredited by SAIFF, and to offer SAIFF products to our clients.

To read more about SAIFF and what they offer, visit their website at