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They want to repossess my car, but I am under debt review. Can they do that?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Debt ReviewThey want to repossess my car, but I am under debt review. Can they do that?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

My question is the following. We have been under debt review since 2010. Our debt councillor is based in another town to us and communication is not very frequent. I received an email from the councillor saying that the bank who financed our car cancelled the review due to short payments. My response was that I had noticed that the expected amounts was different each month and could this please be investigated. I did not get an explanation for this and todate still dont have feedback. What did happen was that I received a response saying that the shortfall was R2199. I requsted that an extra R500 per month be paid to the bank and I personally would deposit. The councillor responded that the bank had not fedback and that they would lodge another query.
The next thing I knew a court clerk contacted me to say they are repossessing the car. Despite my repeated attempts to find out what was happening, the court clerk arrived and took our car.
I have been to the bank, to their attorneys in fact I have tried everything. Despite my even offering to pay all outstanding amounts and have a debit order set up from my account the bank refused and said we have to pay the total oustanding amount if we want the car. R120 000. All because we did not know a summons was issued at our previous address.
We lost our vehicle for which we have already paid in excess of R90 000 all because of a shortfall of R2200.
Please help, I cannot get an answers apart from they will auction my car and I must still pay the difference.
Surely this cannot be right.