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Vehicle Finance Blocked by Banks

Questions & AnswersCategory: Credit ApplicationVehicle Finance Blocked by Banks
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

During 2000/2002, I can’t remember the exact year, the bank repossessed my vehicle. During 2008 I bought another vehicle. I went under debt review during 2010. The debt counsellor did not make payments as he was supposed to.

In the meantime I started to pay my vehicle myself as he neglected the payments of my vehicle. I reported him and decided to do a voluntary surrender of my estate. The bank gave me permission to keep my vehicle as I was paying it and every bigger payment.

They summonsed me before the surrender of my estate but I made arrangements. I settled my car during 2012. I was rehabilitated during 2014. I have proof from TransUnion that my credit is clear and that my credit score is good. I need to buy another car but the banks just decline my applications. I have asked the F&I’s and they said it’s because of my score and listings. But TransUnion has sent me the report and I think their system is just not updated as yet for the service providers. Today the one bank said that I have been blocked for finance because of the vehicle that was repossessed. I don’t know what to do. They say that I have to wait another two years. According to them they block you for 15 years but what I bought the other car during 2008. Can you please assist with advice?