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I spent to much on my Edgars account. Any advice?

Questions & AnswersI spent to much on my Edgars account. Any advice?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Hi there

In 2006 i opened an Edgars account and it went out of control because i fell pregnant and needed nappies and formula urgently. to cut a long story short, last time i checked in 2011 i owe them R10 000 and haven’t been able to pay a cent. i just don’t have any spare money at the end of the month. also Edgars hasn’t contacted me in years. is it possible the debt is written off? I don’t see my situation changing any time soon. any advice u can give me will be appreciated.

many thanks

1 Answers
Matthys Potgieter Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi there

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately the chances that the debt has been written off by Edgars is very slim. It is quite strange that you have not heard from Edgars. Do they have your correct contact and address detail? It is important that they do have it.

If you struggle to get by from month to month you might be over indebted. For this we can offer you the solution of debt review. We will analyse all your debt and then negotiate with all your credit providers to lower the installments. We will alsdraw up a budget for you to ensure that you have sufficient finances to cater for your basic living expenses.

During this time you will make one installment each month that will be devided between your credit providers. You will be protected from legal action initiated by credit providers who are included in the debt review. Please send your detail to [email protected]. Someone will contact you to discuss detail.

Kind Regards