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Running Out Of Options

Questions & AnswersRunning Out Of Options
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

What can I do if I followed all the possibilities of debt review, try to be declared insolvent, nothing helped me. They repossessed my home and my car and now they want me to pay the shortfall, with money I haven’t got. What must I do?

June2009 I reply for debt review and qualify for debt review
The debt counsellor gave the wrong stuff to the PDA firm
No payment making on home loan and car
In 2010 they summons me
DC try to save the situation, didn’t help
DC died in May 2013. Everything went down the drain
Got another DC tried to help not working
They repossess my home Oct 2013
They repossesses car June 2015
I can’t pay shortfall

Regards Tinus