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thapelo asked 3 months ago

I want to cancel debt review and reverse my money because I see that most peoples cars are being repossessed and I don’t want to lose my car.

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 3 months ago

Good day, 

Your car is safe from repossession when you are under the legal protection of Debt Review, given that you are keeping up to date with your Debt Review repayment plan.

When a debt review is cancelled, the original credit agreement is revived and the creditors are free to proceed to enforce their rights in terms thereof. That means that you will lose your legal protection under Debt Review and creditors might choose to repossess your assets.

That is why we urge client not to cancel without making prior arrangements with creditors. We often assist them to do so. First, reach a written agreement with the creditor about the capitalisation of all payments in arrears and the resumption of the original instalments prior to cancelling your review and losing your protection.

What you must also keep in mind is that your debt review will be listed on your credit profile until a Form 19 (Clearance Certificate) is issued. This can only happen when;
1. you have brought arrears up to date and are able to pay original instalments, or
2. if your debt has been settled.

This has been implemented because there were consumers who misused the process to avoid paying their debts, and who then jumped from one debt counsellor to another.

Hope this info helps.