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Shadrack Titise asked 9 months ago

Hi, I’d like to know how does it happen that my credit profile still shows am under debt review after I’ve settled all my debts(in May), form 19 was issued and told it would take 21 days to update my credit status.

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 9 months ago

Good day,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Once the Clearance Certificate is issued, credit bureaus have 5 working days in which they must expunge from their records any information pertaining to the fact that you were subject to a debt review.

In theory, your credit record should be fine within a week of receiving your clearance certificate. In our experience though, the latter is not true. Credit bureaus take longer than that to get your record cleared. We would suggest waiting at least 3 months before applying for new credit.

After 3 months have passed since receiving your Clearance Certificate, pull your credit report (you can pull your credit report for free once a year). Check your credit score and payment history. If there are any discrepancies, take it up with the credit bureau (on their websites they have a dispute option). And if there is a specific creditor causing trouble on your report you can dispute that listing with the Credit Ombud.

Kind regards