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Please Assist

Malcolm Taylor asked 7 months ago

Hello, I have been with you guys for 3 months now and have paid the required amount to DebtSafe every month on time, One of my accounts DebtSafe has supposed to have already made repayment arrangements with are phoning me about 3 times a day demanding payment. It’s a credit card account with F.N.B. Every month they are adding interest to my this account. Please, can you advise me?

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 7 months ago

Good day, 

Thank you for getting in touch.

Creditor harassment is something we see all the time, even though they very well know that you are under the protection of Debt Review. It would be best to contact your Relationship Manager to sort it out for you, you can email your contact details and inquiry to [email protected] for further assistance in this regards. 

Kind regards