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theresa asked 2 years ago

I applied for debt solutions, but decided not to go ahead. (did not sign any documents, the application was not granted in court, there’s no court order).  They put my name on ITC, now I have to the pay a big fee, through their attorney, to go to court for me to get a clearance certificate. Is there no other cheaper way, than this big fee?

1 Answers
Matthys Potgieter Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi there,

If a debt review has continued past a certain point there is a fee applicable for the debt review.

IF they apply to the court for a court order, there is a legal fee applicable which could differ based on which attorney brings the case. You mention that they never obtained a court order, but that they want to charge you a fee to rescind the order. If they did, in fact, obtain a court order, and you wish to exit the process, you would have to rescind the order. You can approach any attorney to help you with this.

If there are still debt counsellors fees outstanding, the debt counsellor will not remove the debt review flag on your credit profile.

You would have to bring the outstanding fees up to date, and also make sure that you can actually afford the normal instalments and interest rates on your debt. When you exit debt review before your debt has been settled, the accounts will revert back to the original rates and terms.

Kind regards