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My house was auctioned, ABSA was unethical. What can I do?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Credit ProvidersMy house was auctioned, ABSA was unethical. What can I do?
Matthys Potgieter Staff asked 4 years ago

I posted on here a couple of months ago about ABSA being bullies and unethical how they gave out information to my ex husband after we were divorced which caused him to stop paying child support which forced me to go under debt review which was 5 years ago. Then ABSA went behind my back and my lawyer auctioned my house.
My lawyers have sent in all the correct paperwork but still they have managed to by-pass the system and on Monday I got evicted.
Is there anything I can do? My lawyer tells me I must not worry as they have not done the correct paperwork but I’m stressed and my kids are too. I have told ABSA now I’m going public with their unethical manner as I feel their customers should know their private information isn’t private at all and anyone that knows someone in the bank can get your information.
I’m sick of living in fear I told my lawyer months ago I want a chance to sell my house as they auctioned it for R700 000 and its actual value is R1.3 mill. What can I do now do? I need to change my lawyers because I have been told the woman that purchased my house is making me pay her lawyer fees too now, and honestly I can’t afford all this now they are causing me to get deeper and deeper in debt. I really need help I can’t live like this anymore I’m at breaking point.