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Leaving Debt Review

Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I went under debt review in 2010. I signed up and paid and then the debt counsellor decided to pursue a different career path, I was handed over to another company where again I paid and had endless troubles. Eventually I found a new debt counsellor who came highly recommended. She filed all the necessary paperwork and I joined her – again at a fee.

From 2013 I assumed all was going well until June 2014 when Wesbank tried to repossess my car. Turned out the payments I was making every month were not being distributed properly and Wesbank hadn’t been paid in 5 months. I had to find almost R40,000.00 in 7 months to pay the car off. That’s almost what I owed in 2010 when I went under debt review. The legal fees from 2013 to 2014 amounted to R11,000.00 which of course I was responsible for. I immediately stopped paying the NPDA and have since taken over paying my own accounts.

I contacted TransUnion recently and asked for an updated credit record. I noted Wesbank still appeared as outstanding and have lodged a dispute with them. I also noticed that they have me loaded as under debt review.

They have requested that I obtain a 17.4 form from the debt counsellor – I have requested the same but I am unsure what the implications are of requesting this. No one has contacted me from the debt counsellor or NPDA querying my non-payment since June 2014. How long does it take for this form to be issued and could it create any problems for me?