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What Happens If I No Longer Have A Job?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Debt ReviewWhat Happens If I No Longer Have A Job?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

We went under debt review last year July.  I am still waiting for the document from the High Court and have to repeatedly ask for a statement.

Question 1 – Can I change debt counsellors?

Question 2 – I no longer have a job, so we only have my husband’s income.  What can we do now, as we need to pay our monthly instalment but no longer have two incomes?



1 Answers
Matthys Potgieter Staff answered 2 years ago

Good day,
You certainly can. If you are unhappy with the service your debt counsellor is providing, or not providing, you have the right to change companies.
Unfortunately, your creditors are well within their rights to still demand payment, regardless of the fact that you are unemployed. It would be best to contact your debt counsellor so that they can make the necessary arrangements with your creditors.
Kind regards.