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Johan asked 2 years ago


I have a default under my name that was listed on 21 September 2015; this was listed as a result of not paying a sub-contractor! My construction company was not paid by the client and I could not pay the final amount of the sub-contractor.

I was not aware that they listed me in my personal capacity for the company debt and no contact has been made for payment since 6 June 2015. I have not paid any money to this sub-contractor for the default and no judgement has been issued! I have not been working for a couple of months after this.

Will this default be removed after one year? Do I have to contact the sub-contractor to arrange payments? Please can you help with some information regarding this?

Thank you.

1 Answers
Matthys Potgieter Staff answered 2 years ago

Good day,
The retention period for this type of listing is 12 months. If it is still reflecting you can simply lodge a dispute with the relevant credit bureau and they can make the adjustment.
I would also advise that you contact the sub-contractor and make arrangements for repayment.
These type of things have the habit of snowballing at the wrong time when you least expect and need it. Do an affordability analysis on yourself to determine how much you can put toward this debt. Doing a proper analysis will also strengthen your case when negotiating with the sub-contractor regarding payment.
Hope this info helps.
Kind regards