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Thoko Kgobe asked 1 year ago

Good day I need help

I was placed under default by GYM company for R498 as per my credit report obtained last week.

When I called I was told that the amount of R498 comes from Carlton gym account that has been bought my GYM company now.

I settled the account and send proof of payment requesting to be removed.

I was told I have an account with GYM company in Newgate. Which I could not pay as I’m not working currently.
So because of that account that is not on my default they refuse to remove my default.
The second account has not yet been reported on my credit report.

I’m trying to get a job and the listing is preventing that which will make it difficult to pay the other account.

Can they hold me handsomfor an account that is not yet listed even after I paid the account they listed?

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 1 year ago

Good day,

If there is an incorrect listing on your credit report you can dispute it with the credit bureau where you pulled your report.

Kind regards