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Debt Review Listing

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Mrs B asked 1 year ago

Good Day,

I wanted to know. I went under debt review in 2014 and in early 2015 my husband and I decided to cancel the debt review as instead of working for us it was working against us.

When we went under debt review our debts were paid up to date, but once we were under debt review we starting having arrears. So we decided to pay out debt directly and cancelled debt review with our debt counsellor.

2 years later most of our debt has been paid up to date and we are left with the 3 large loan amounts. A court order was never granted only an assessment was done, but every time we check out status it says we are under debt review, we were given a FORM 17W OF W17 FORM.  I was wondering if there is any way you could assist us?

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 1 year ago

Good day,

Thank you for getting in touch.

What you must keep in mind is that your debt review will be listed on your credit profile until a Form 19 (the Clearance Certificate) is issued. This can only happen when;

1.    you have brought arrears up to date and are able to pay original instalments, or
2.    if your debt has been settled.

If you have reached one of the above you can contact your debt counsellor for the Clearance Certificate. Other debt counsellors will also be able to issue you with a Clearance Certificate for a small admin fee.

Kind regards.