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Debt Review Does Affect Employment

Questions & AnswersDebt Review Does Affect Employment
Letsopa asked 2 years ago


I was called for an interview at a certain agency and fingerprints were taken and I’m under debt review and I was told that they don’t have anywhere to submit me because of my profile, I’m assuming credit profile.

So how will I get a job if I’m under debt review while 3 companies declined me because of my credit profile? I was not blacklisted, no judgment whatsoever but because I’m under debt review.

What’s your solution?

1 Answers
Matthys Potgieter Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi there,
Thank you for getting in touch.
We cannot say what the exact requirements are when it comes to employers since each company has their own requirements. But we have found that being in debt review doesn’t mean you will be negatively affected.
I can confirm that it has become less and less of an issue, in fact; we get referrals directly from banks to place their employees under debt review.
Maybe it would be best to ask the recruiter why exactly you didn’t qualify for the job. Job hunting is a tedious process, and everyone, including those who are not in debt review, is having a hard time to find employment.
Kind regards.