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Credit Issues Even Though All Paid End of 2014

Questions & AnswersCategory: Debt ReviewCredit Issues Even Though All Paid End of 2014
Melanie Swanepoel asked 10 months ago

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Myself and my husband where on debt review, we settled and paid all in November 2014.  Since then we have not taken out any credit.  I am trying to purchase a house, SA home loan have got back to me to advise that an Absa account and woolworths as showing as open and in arrears, horrified at this I contacted woolworths to only find out that they did not bother closing the account and have charged “ficticious” admin charges on a zero account, after fighting with them they provided a letter, a paid up letter.  This is still a problem as the letter only states as paid up during July 2018 instead of when it was actually paid in November 2014.  Absa did not allocate the settlement amount to the Absa account instead the statement reads as instalment paid every month from Absa head office to this account I paid off in 2017. How is that allowed.  After querying the account with Absa, I suddenly owed small credit balance and this they paid and then closed the account, this too only showing now in July 2018.  Due to incompetency of Woolworths and Absa I am having issues in receiving a bond.  Please advise what I can do to sort this out.  I am at a loss for words even though I paid everything 4 years ago I am still having issues.  Thanks Mel

1 Answers
Carien Kruger Staff answered 10 months ago

Good day,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Since the issue you are experiencing is on the creditors’ side we would suggest that you log a complaint with the Credit Ombud, they will be able to do an investigation and hopefully force your creditors to correct their mistakes. Here is a link to the Credit Ombud.

You can also log a dispute with a credit bureau, to oppose the incorrect listings/information on your credit record. Here is a link to TransUnion. 

Hope this info helps.

Kind regards