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I cancelled my debt review but they still debited my account. What to do?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Debt ReviewI cancelled my debt review but they still debited my account. What to do?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I applied for debt review March this year. Filled in the forms and everything but before the lady finalized my application i asked her if i could cancel and she said yes.. i just needed to do it in writing and email it to her which i did. I still have that email as prove. She also said that it would take approximately 8 weeks for the cancellation to take effect. But its been 5 months now and money has been debited of my account by the PDA. She also said she would call me before she finalise the documents but she never did. What can i do to resolve this matter??
Thanx for this great blog.

1 Answers
Matthys Potgieter Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi there

It is unfortunate that the debt review carried on without your consent. I would suggest that you schedule a meeting or talk to someone senior at the firm. Not sure who your debt counsellors are.

If deductions are being made it means that they have submitted a debt review payment plan to the PDA. If they have not done a payment plan that is presented to court it means that your money is still with the PDA. The PDa needs a payment plan to tell them exactly how to make payments to the creditors.

Ask the Dc for a full recon of your account so you can see what they did with your money. If the money is lying in a suspense account with the PDA they will have to refund you immediately.

Please let me know if you struggle to sort this out.

Kind Regards