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How Can the Default Under My Name Be Removed

Questions & AnswersCategory: Credit ProvidersHow Can the Default Under My Name Be Removed
Anonymous asked 4 years ago


I lost my job due to retrenchment in December 2013; during that time I had 3 accounts to pay (Bradlows, Absa Credit Card and MTN Contract).

I managed to settle the Bradlows account and I was managing to pay the credit card and MTN contract for about 6 months after losing my job, but after August 2014 I couldn’t anymore.

Yesterday I received a call from Absa in regards to my unpaid debt, fortunately I got a new job which I started on the 4th of May 2015 and I will be able to pay them starting on the 1st of June 2015.

Today for some reason I checked my credit report and realized that I have defaults on my MTN account which I haven’t paid since last August 2014.

My question is; can defaults be removed when I pay them off on month end because I got a new job? The reason I could not pay was because I got retrenched from my previous job but now I found new employment.

Another question is how long do creditors take to place a default against someone? Any feedback or advice will be appreciated.