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At DebtSafe we believe in new beginnings and continuously aim to negotiate settlements that are acceptable to both debtors and creditors. With a dedicated, nationwide team to guide you through every step of the debt counselling process, we strive to make your dream of a debt-free life a reality. Throughout the process you will be guided towards a future of personal growth and financial stability.

Our Six Step Solution:

Step 1:

  • Complete the call back form.  Hereafter a DebtSafe call centre agent will contact you to give you a step-by-step explanation of how the process works. Should you choose to proceed with the debt counselling programme, you will need to sign the application form (downloadable from this site), and send this together with the following documentation to the call centre agent:
    • a copy of your ID,
    • three months salary advice,
    • three months bank statements, and
    • your latest creditor statements
  • Open a savings account and inform your employer to deposit your salary into your new account.
  • You will be registered on the NCR data basis. You now have immediate protection against legal action and blacklisting.
  • We will take over all negotiations with your creditors ensuring you are protected.

Step 2:

  • Within two working days a personal consultant will contact you to discuss the details of your application.

Step 3:

  • Once you have signed the application form, your creditors will be notified within five working days.
  • An interim payment plan is then drafted according to your affordability.

Step 4:

  • Your Personal Payment Plan, which is a formal debt restructuring plan, will now be sent to all creditors within 25 working days after you have signed the application form.
  • We will engage with each one of your creditors, and negotiate new payment terms according to your affordability.

Step 5:

  • We will have your application issued at your local magistrate within 60 workings days (after signature date)

Step 6:

  • Your debt counsellor will facilitate your debt re-arrangement application at your local magistrate. The court will make a decision on an appropriate court date – this ends the process. Monthly payments are made according to your repayment plan.