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Welcome to DebtSafe's OneWay, the Best Way out of Debt!

What’s It All About?

Well, DebtSafe’s OneWay combines all your debt repayments into one instalment – just like a consolidation loan, but with a boatload of extra benefits. In fact, Debtsafe’s OneWay is the most innovative debt relief product on the market.

We have combined a bunch of unique benefits and called it OneWay. Creating a killer combo that has one goal: To get you out of debt, while keeping life normal for you and your family.

So Here's Why We're Confident That You'll Want to Join Debtsafe's OneWay Straightaway:

One seriously reduced instalment.

No more juggling between payments. One super affordable instalment. And when we say super affordable think up to 60% less than what you would have paid with a normal consolidation loan.

Immediate cash flow relief from the start.

Your new instalment (and budget that takes care of your family) will kick in from the get-go. So no worries, no stress.

Protection against angry credit providers.

Debtsafe’s OneWay is the only way to really protect your assets like your home or vehicle when finances get tight.

No fixed property? No worries!

Unlike consolidation loans, where you would need fixed property to qualify, Debtsafe’s OneWay is for everyone. Renters, owners, you’re all welcome!

Free credit check.

See how your credit score improves over time with your free annual credit check.

And that’s not all! We were serious when we said that DebtSafe’s OneWay is the most innovative debt relief product on the market. Here are a few more benefits every DebtSafe client can expect:

Unforeseen circumstances? Your debt is covered!

OneWay offers the most affordable Credit Linked Insurance in the industry – giving you the best possible debt cover. It settles your debt in the event of death, disability or critical illness. Plus, it pays your debt up to 9 months after retrenchment. So when life hits hard you and your family stay protected.

A dedicated person attending to your every need.

Some call them superheroes, we call them Relationship Managers. And with your very own Relationship Manager to guide you through the whole process you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t join OneWay sooner.

Total peace of mind with 110% transparency.

Use the online Consumer Portal to track your exact progress. It’s simple, accessible and keeps you in control no matter where you are.

With these easy-to-use tools and powerful support DebtSafe’s OneWay is ready to help you find your way out of debt.