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Give Your Wallet A Break – Durban North Coast

Give Your Wallet A Break – Durban North Coast

In this Durban North Coast article written by DebtSafe, we talk about the good news of the Department of Energy’s announcement of a decrease in pump price of all grades of petrol, the wholesale price of both grades of diesel, the maximum retail price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and the prices of illuminating paraffin.

Wikus Olivier says consumers have to be aware that although petrol prices are decreasing, the South African economy is under heavy strain.

In a survey done by the company earlier this year, the statistics show that 51% of the participating respondents were not able to meet their minimum debt repayment requirements. 13% of respondents indicated that they couldn’t make ANY payment after the December holidays.

Wikus warns consumers to consider every cent before spending. “Before spending money on travelling or expensive trips and gifts, make sure you don’t have large financial concerns in the beginning of the New Year,” he says.

“It is easy to overspend and overlook a lot of costs when travelling. For an example, if you drive a petrol vehicle, do the calculations of what the petrol decrease really mean to your budget. If your car’s tank takes 60 litres of petrol, you will save an average of R20 per tank,” Wikus adds. For some households this means having money to buy milk and bread, against having nothing.