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Financial Slave Or Hero?

Financial slave or hero?

Are you progressing or going backwards financially.  It’s easy to tell how you are doing.  Just look at your bank balance.  If your bank balance is growing better each month you must be doing something right.  For starters, you must be spending less than you earn.  That is the critical part.  Don’t fool yourself by looking at your assets in isolation.  You must pay your monthly debt instalments and make this your priority, next, start saving between six to nine months net salary in a fixed deposit or money market account.  This is for emergencies.  If you think you may be retrenched or lose your income in the coming months your priority should be to save as much as possible.  Survival is more important than your financial reputation.  If your income stream is secure, your priority should remain to get debt free.  Once you are debt free, all your income is yours to spend as you see fit.  Put yourself first in line and save as much as you can.  Wherever you are in the financial journey, it’s never too late to start.