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Enjoy The Holidays Without Breaking The Bank – HR Pulse

Enjoy The Holidays Without Breaking The Bank – HR Pulse

HR Pulse featured this DebtSafe just before the holidays and wanted to know if consumers were ready to go on their long-awaited holiday yet… we also hoped that everyone has saved or thought about next month, when the children have to go to schools etc…

January is normally a difficult month when it comes to finances, because people don’t check their budgets regularly just to end up having nothing or almost nothing left to pay for children’s school necessities as well as normal living expenses in the first weeks of a brand new year!

Wikus Olivier says according to a survey done by the Company in early 2015, 51% of the participants couldn’t make their minimum debt repayments in the first month of the year. He warns consumers to be careful not to overspend in December, because it has a snowball effect… in February, a person then has to make a double payment or apply for more credit or take out a loan. This scenario puts consumers in more debt.

“Stick to your budget and work extra holiday expenses into your planning. Try to minimize entertaining, going to the movies or getting take aways. Consider less expensive ways of entertaining and giving fewer gifts,” he says.

A great way to save on holiday entertaining for the family is to find free activities in your town or area. Get friends together for a picnic while enjoying the sights and attractions of local places of interest.

Make a shopping list for the holidays to avoid impulse purchases. If you really feel you want to buy something, compare prices first. “For an example; when shopping online, prices may look better, but remember to add shipping or courier costs,” warns Olivier.