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Answer for Will a default on my credit report fall of 2 years after the default was listed?

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Thanks for the question.

In short, yes. Your credit report reflects all the payments you have made in the past 24 months. Every month the latest payment statuses are added to one end, and the oldest payment statuses fall off at the other end.

When you defaulted in July 2012 it should reflect the default. then you made payments thereafter. If you brought the arrears caused by the defaulted payment up to date, then your history should show “payment up to date”. If you did not catch up the arrears caused by the default… your history will show “payment received” but will still reflect and “in arrears” status as well. This “arrears” status will only be gone in August 2015 if you have not brought the arrears up to date before August 2013.

If you have a default listing in the “Notifications” section of your credit report, you can ask the credit provider to remove the default listing, seeing that it is almost 2 years and that you have settled the account almost a year ago. They CAN remove any listing they made from you credit report, so do not allow them to tell you that they cannot remove it.

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