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Answer for While under Debt Review, Can I Save Some Money for Myself?

Hi there, 

Thank you for the question. 

During debt review you receive a restructured payment plan with reduced instalments. In order for the newly adjusted payment plan to be accepted by creditors they need to see that you are doing your best to repay them as much as you can manage. Debt repayments will thus receive the highest priority. Thereafter, if there is enough cash left in your budget, provision can be made for something like a stokvel or savings mechanism. We always encourage building up an emergency fund or some or other savings to serve your financial needs, instead of relying on debt to get by. 

If you have your budget already set up and you can manage to live even more sparingly you could save extra money. But remember, every cent used to pay off debt results in a huge saving over time. So, pay back as much as you can, as fast as you can.

Have a great day.