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Answer for Vehicle Repossession

Hi there, 

Thank you for the question. 

The debt review process has been specifically designed to allow consumers to repay their debt, home loans and vehicle financing included, without losing their assets. 

Once you enter the debt review process all credit providers are prohibited from taking further action against you on the accounts that are included in the debt review. 

Thus, your car cannot be repossessed by credit providers whilst you are under debt review and you are making the monthly debt review repayments as agreed upon. The only way that credit providers are allowed to take your vehicle is if you sign a letter in which you basically voluntarily surrender the vehicle, or if they can present you with a legitimate court order of the high court. 

What also happens is that credit providers have issued summons before the individual applied for debt review. Once a summons has been issued the credit provider is under no obligation to participate in the debt review. Some do make concessions, but most will proceed with their normal action. It is therefore very important for consumers to approach a debt counsellor as early as possible when they start to fall behind on payments. Many times a debt counsellor will be able to give you some guidance and it might even not be necessary to apply for full-on debt review. 

Those are the only ways through which your vehicle can be taken away. 

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