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Answer for Paying Less Than the Court Order

Hi there, 

Thank you for your question. 

When you can’t afford the agreed upon repayments and it results in missing payments your credit providers have the right to terminate the debt review and take legal action against you without further notice. 

It would be best to speak to your debt counsellor without delay, and motivate your reasons for not being able to meet the full payment. If you had a valid reason for being unable to meet the full payment arrangements could be made with the credit provider. 

It’s crucial that payments are made on time. The Credit Act provides this solution to over-indebted consumers to enable them to keep their homes, vehicles and other assets, but if a consumer miss payments it becomes difficult to keep them in the process. 

If you know in advance that you are going to have an expense which will result in you not being able to make a payment on your debt review, talk to your debt counsellor well before the time. They can then make the necessary arrangements with your credit providers. There are however no guarantees that they will consent to an already reduced instalment, and will still be within their rights if they terminate your debt review. No harm in trying though. With a strong enough motivation, your debt counsellor might persuade them. 

Have a great day.