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Answer for My debt counsellor did not leave enough for living expense. What should I do?

Hi Ash

Thanks for contacting us.

It is very unfortunate that your debt counsellor could not provide sufficient budget for you to survive. There are debt counsellors out there who make your budget as skimpy as possible in order to earn a larger commission. because the debt counsellor’s fees are directly connected to your affordability, the less you have for living expenses, the larger your affordability and the larger the debt counsellor commission.

It really gets me hot under the collar when debt counsellors try to squeeze consumers out of their hard earned and far stretched cash. It is obvious that the more you can pay toward your debt the better in the long run, but not at the expense of your wellbeing. This is why the whole process was designed in the first place. To enable consumers to LIVE and at the same time pay off their debt. Debt is choking our country and we need solution not more problems.

Please send your detail to [email protected]. We will redo your budget for you free of charge and see if we can work a reasonable and liveable budget out for you.

Kindest Regards