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Answer for Marriage and Debt Review Repercussions for Spouse

Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

You can apply for debt review when you are married. Whether you are married COP or ANC. Your debt review will simply be structured according to you marriage contract.

When you are married out of community of property both parties does not have to go under debt review. But I would advise that both parties’ income is included in the repayment of debt. If there are debts which both signed for, and are therefore both responsible for, then both will have to apply for debt review. No account may be excluded.

If you decide not to include your spouse to help repay the debt quicker then they will not be affected by your debt review. However, If there is a joint account, like a bond for instance, where the account is on both parties’ names, both parties will be affected.

Please feel free to send as a mail at [email protected] to discuss your options further.

Kind regards.